Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where are the defibrillators?

Yes, where are the defibrillators? I need to jumpstart this dead-revived-dead-again blog once again. To start with, I have been busy in the last few years since my last blog entry. Most of the "busy"ness came during 2011.

Busy-ness schedule:
  1. Feb'11 - Got married (more on this later as we progress into my general blogdom)
  2. Feb'11 - Got an iPhone (wtf right? it is a gift from my Cousin, so don't get your hopes too high about my social status)
  3. Jul'11 - Got promoted (like my blog, even this happened to come alive after a loooong time)
  4. Jul'11 - Appeared for my first stand-up comedy routine, which bombed needless to say. Made some good friends in the process
  5. Aug'11 - Stumbled upon a neat comic strip creating website StripCreator. check it out. I have a few comics posted there, will share the links / pics as soon as am done with this post.
  6. Aug'11 - Got fed up with iPhone and Steve Jobs' mania with "not-sharing" things and generally being a bitch when it comes to open technology. So I went in for an Android. It rocks.
  7. Aug'11 - USA downgraded to AA (from AAA), while am on vacation. FTW!!!

Basically (< is such an "Indian" word, no?), I have been busy trying to keep myself busy. So, there have been these subtle yet not so trivial changes in my life. Of course, since my last post on Terror, there has been another attack (last month). Seems like Terror attacks are the defibrillators for this blog :(

So, no fixed agenda for the general rambling which would ensue shortly. I would try and update whenever possible just to keep up with my writing skills. Also, Blogspot is blocked @ work, So I would need to find alternate means to update this thing and keep it alive.

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