Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Events

Ok... this is going to be totally random. I will be doling out nonsense this point forward--I have nothing to do, nothing to write about... just rant about random nothings (my blog now suddenly feels very useful).

Its funny when we REALLY want to write about something--it hardly materializes. For the last few weeks/months I wanted to write about: Movies such as You Don't Mess With The Zohan, eat outs (All Stir Fry, Firangi Paani, etc), office experiences (oh yea, I've quit from my current job and moving on to another job. Yay.) ... You see, all these can be just mentioned--not written about in great length.

So, what does an avid blogger such as moi (ahem ahem) blog about?

Nonsensical Rubbish. (one of these two words is redundant, but what the hell... its futile... I've gone too far to press the backspace and type again--and I am lazy to move the cursor using my mouse).

Yes... pure, unadulterated, grade A; Crap. (My blog's initial promise, just scroll up and read the tagline).

I know of a few bloggers who write crap--in various formats. Poetry, movie reviews, cricket matches, daily life, pet peeves, money markets, stock markets, job markets, politics, etc etc... they have a method to their madness. I don't.

One day, I could be writing about the global economic crisis (whatever that means), and the next day I could be writing about the advantages of having nasal hair.

Today, is not the day for discussing the global economic crisis (why do I keep bringing this up?) or nasal hair.

Today, I restructure my blogging strategies towards attaining crapvana and general crapdom.

I have also restructured a Chinese curse to convey a message to my dear discerning readers--May you live in crappy times

Soon, McDonalds is gonna sue me for stealing the tagline of their future product offering... "Crappy Meal Special"... I believe that they'd be offering free Mortgage Back securities with the purchase of two Crappy Meal specials. Neat.

Enough crap for today, my blog's clogged with rubbish. (Hey, new PJ... what do you call a Blogger facing a Writer's Block? Blog Clog!™)

So until I get over my next Blog Clog™ (I really love the ™ sign don't I? Keyboard Shortcut: Alt+0153. Try it.), please do not bother to come back and check this space. My average Blog Clog™ span is anywhere between 6 months to a year.


Baidik said...

Jeff Archer owns an apartment in NY which he calls 'Writers Block'.

But do blog on Firangi Pani dude.. am sure u'll have a lot to write on that :)

Priya said...

On the lines of ur blogger's writer's block = blog clog; blogger can also be = clogger :D


Siddharth said...

B: will clog about the Firangi Paani experience.

P: Point taken. In that case, I am a clogger, a blogger who's ideas take a holiday when it comes to blogging about them.