Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blogman Begins

Well, here I am... I have finally jumped on to the blogging bandwagon after much delay (thanks to my pal Baidik who coaxed me into it). 

I have absolutely no idea as to what i would be filling up here and if it would be a regular practice at all. This blog has no rhyme or reason for its survival. It should be shot buried and forgotten about. This is a "blog without a cause".

Now the very reason I chose the heading "Accidental Economist", is becoz thats what I am. By pure accident, I ended up graduating with a Masters degree in Economics. How disgusting. It has its plus points though.... I like it when people look all wide eyed and say "Economics?!? No way! Man, its such a boring subject. You must be really smart... yada yada yada." Then comes the tough part: "Hey my cousin/distant relative is planning to study economics. Any tips? What would his/her career path be like? etc etc etc." Now u know why its such a big accident. Poor souls. Like the joke goes -- 

Q: "What do u call an economist with a prediction?"
A: "Wrong."

Anyhoo... talking about all things wrong... welcome to my blog. Hope u enjoy it and don't crib about it's imperfections / shortcomings; and just pray that I come up with something worth reading (by my standards) to keep it updated every now and then.



Sushmita said...

already a fan!! :p

baidik said...

.. and this guy said he could'nt write! Anyways, always knew abt Sid's penning skills. Watch out for his thoughtful cum rib ticking take on issues spanning "sports to subprime" and you'll be in store for more delighful 'accidents' from him!


Gogo said...

Accidental posts may just get interesting...Welcome!