Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still trying...

As you would have noticed--I am still trying to perfect Accidental Economist's layout, template and formatting. So, don't be surprised to see something totally new every now and then. :)

Btw, this picture ... i got it from google images.. I think it was from an Economist Ad (that would explain all the red) seeking fresh hires. Wish I got that job.

Here are a few jobs which I am interested in:

(1) Economist World Bank
(2) Economist IMF
(3) Economist ADB
(4) Toothbrush Salesman

In case you are in knowledge of openings in Jobs (1), (2) and (3)--do let me know. Job (4) can wait as its not toothbrush season, and the attrition rates among toothbrush salesmen is not high at the moment.


baidik said...
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baidik said...

I strongly believe that the decline of HLL began the day they over emphasized on hiring toothbrush salesmen from b-schools and excessively belvd on their simulated theories to boost sales.