Monday, January 21, 2008

Je suis Légende

Dear reader, by now you probably must've guessed what this post is about. Yes, its about Mr. Will Smith's new movie "I am Legend." I saw this movie yesterday and it got me thinking--what it would be like if tomorrow I wake up and discover that everything living has been turned into a zombie and I am the only survivor in Kottivakkam? (Obviously, as I am not fortunate enough to live in New York--yet).

Back to the eerie topic--I figured that I would be shit scared for one and secondly it wouldn't make much of a difference as Kottivakkam is quite a dead place anyway. Yeah, I know it is famous for the Tidel Park, IT Parks, etc but aren't we BPO/KPO/IT/ITES employees walking zombies anyway? The graveyard shifts, dog tags (which they have heartlessly rechristined as ID tags), half dead colleagues, etc. all these translate to zombie-ville.

Anyways, I have strayed away from the topic (again). Mr. Smith had the good fortune of having several guns by his side (always). The only weapon I have access to is a rubberband and few pieces of chalk and crumpled paper.

So, with all the guns that he had, he embarked everyday to hunt for wild animals (mostly deer)--was wondering if the filmmakers ever thought of renaming the film as "Good Will Hunting." Sorry PJ.

I like the scene where Good Will enters a zombie "hive" and the floor is scattered with 100 dollar bills. The sheer uselessness of money at that point of time--shown very well.

Well, the whole virus outbreak theory--is quite scary according to me. There's this other movie you can watch if you are interested-- its called "28 Days Later" -- same story but much more well made. No fancy weapons or animals. Just humans who have gotten affected by a Rage virus. Now that's scary.

I have two more scary DVD's to devour--"30 Days of Nights" and "1408". Will let you know what I think of them.

Till then...


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baidik said...

"Good Will Hunting" had me laughing for a good 1 min... So, it does'nt qualify as a PJ :)