Thursday, March 20, 2008

Name calling.....

I was going through Wikipedia's entry on one of Kollywood's "greatest" comedians: Goundamani

Here are some names of the characters he's portrayed (Note: The ones in bold are my favorites):

1. Pick Pocket Periyasamy

2. Pannikutti Ramasamy

3. All-in-All Azhagu raja

4. Silverspoon Silpakumar

5. Govindo

6. Paavada Kanth

7. Esakki Muthu

8. Naaik Kal Naaik

9. Everything Yegambaram

10. Dharmaadi Dharmalingam

11. Mechanic Manikam

12. Yaetu Yegambaram

13. Kaaling

14. Aaru Kolai Arumugam

15. Vaasu.. The great Vaasu

16. Idea mani

Only in Kollywood would you find something like this.

Does anyone have any other typical filmy names (which are strictly south)? (Polyester Padmini, Disco Shanti, Aruvaal Somasekaran--probably a play on Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc...)

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