Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Technology dilemma

Of late, I have been facing a strange dilemma with regard to technology.

The dilemma is as follows:

Do I go in for a nice digi-cam (to bring out any hidden talents in photography) or should I invest in upgrading my desktop computer (which would require me to go back to Madras and bring back the working parts).

So, more than the choice... it is the utility of either choice which is bothering me the most.

Till date, the only pictures that I have ever clicked are from my old Kodak KB10 camera. I now recollect that I never took out the film after clicking the 36 pictures of birthday parties, school events, picnics, etc. (I reckon the film must have become powdered by now) .

Yup.. I am THAT lazy. So, don't expect me to keep updating my blog--which takes precious minutes out of my painfully busy schedule **for my busy schedule--scroll down till the end of this writeup**

Anyhoo... getting back to the topic--you must've guessed by now that I would make a horrible photographer, rather a horrible post-photography photographer.

But dear reader... please be honest with yourself--how often did you feel lethargic to take out the film, after rewinding it properly so that it doesn't get exposed to light, and deliver it to the studio so that you can get them developed in 4 days time?

I know that you are not as lazy as I am, but wasn't it kinda tedious and boring, especially if the studio was quite far and required a certain amount of travel?

But with a Digi-cam.... and flickr©... and blogspot© .... I could showcase my creativity to the whole world!

I guess not.

Of all you know, I would find a new excuse with regard to low battery charge and how costly it might prove to be if I were to expose such an expensive equipment to the Bombay dust and grime.

I am already postulating such excuses! I am incorrigible!

That leaves me with upgrading my computer.

This would require enormous planning and expenditure. First, devote a few days to fly down to madras--I know, bringing an equipment from one city to another should not require more than a day or two... but things don't work that way once you stay away from your home city.

I would have to devote a week, meeting relatives, eating good food, buying gifts, driving around town to meet friends, etc... you get the flow.

Booking plane tickets--another hassle with renewed taxes and so-called fuel surcharges and all. I think this is one service, where the taxes are higher than the actual price, and the aviation authority have no say in this (even though they should be having one).

Well, back to madras, I enjoy the week, the beaches, the shops, the traffic jams, the idly-sambaar and medu vada, home food, Tiramisu and Brimstone (orange drink) with my good friend and a lot other things which I feel I can experience only in Madras and not anywhere else.

The week is ending, and I have to get back to the same humdrum life--Bombay.

I land, and I rush to office.... and guess what... I've forgotten all about the computer equipment! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

But, what the heck... the whole trip back home sure beats anything! :)

So... thank you blogspot... for solving my dilemma... I'm gonna go home soon and enjoy life for a week... and no, I better not forget the equipment (in real life)! ;)


**As promised--my "busy" schedule is as follows:**
  • Wake up - 0830 hrs
  • Laze around - 0830-0900hrs
  • Wake up (final) - 0900 hrs
  • Get read for work - 0900-0945hrs
  • Reach office - 1030hrs
  • Breakfast - 1030-1100hrs
  • Check mails - 1100hrs-1130hrs
  • Read the news (Indian) - 1130-1230hrs (I am a slow reader)
  • Read the news (American and other International) - 1230-1330hrs
  • Lunch - 1330-1400hrs
  • START work (finally--i bet you were wondering when I would start working) - 1400hrs
  • Realize that I do not have much work to do - 1401hrs
  • Get bored - 1401-1600hrs
  • Get depressed by the fact that I am getting bored at such an early age - 1600-1700hrs
  • Contemplate about charting my "experiences on my blog" - 1700-1800hrs
  • Ditching that idea - 1801hrs
  • Trying to dig out some work which I haven't completed yet - 1802-1830hrs
  • Fail in that attempt - 1831hrs
  • Wait till its dinner time (do nothing constructive) - 1832-2045hrs
  • Journey back home - 2115-2145hrs
  • Sleep - 2230hrs




Baidik said...

Tera honesty ka koi jawab naahin man :)

.. and yes ..its 'Madras'.. never got around liking 'Chennai'.. have u heard, M.K has 'changed' the Tamil New Year day.. This man's lost it.

Siddharth said...

Wow... he's nuts!

Gogo said...

The busy schedule is so deja vu....a few months back, I was busier, I guess!